C Fibers

The patterns in my work emerged from a deep place of resonance while recovering from a black widow spider bite. I had a rare autoimmune response to the venom and nearly died, spent six months in bed with a spastic paralysis, and lost my short and long-term memory. To this day, I have a partial paralysis and small fiber neuropathy over my entire body.

I had to learn to use my brain and body again and chose knitting as a way to get my fingers moving and to help restore cognitive functions. The exquisite fibers of mohair, cashmere, silk and alpaca in my knitting helped to stimulate my C fibers, small sensory nerves that were damaged through my entire body. The spider medicine infused into my patterns and designs, and I honor her with this creative journey.

Contained within every stitch is a prayer or mantra, and I send these blessings to you.